Monday, March 30, 2009

Soft accessories

Musical-BABY GYM

New set.Selling price RM15/each include postage fees.Only 3 unit to grab.Outside price RM29.90
SOLD to mama Danial - 1 set
SOLD to Faiezah - 1 set
SOLD to Wan Mahani - 1 set

Soft accessories


New set.Have musical.Nice and soft.3 unit only to grab.Selling price RM15/each include postage fees.
-SOLD to Lin(1 set)
-Sold to SIS (1set)
-SOLD to Mama Danial (1 set)

Disney - puzzle block

DISNEY-Phone block

Used...but still have box and accessories are complete.Selling price RM40 include postage fees

Sold to Rinamienamei tq

Baby love-Carseat

BABY LOVE-car seat cum carrier

Seldom used,like new.Nice and clean.Selling price RM150 include postage fees.Crazy Sale...Discount 10% Price to be RM135 include postage fees

NOW AT RM100 include postage

Sold to Rohani tq

Lucky Baby - Carseat

Lucky baby carseat.

Used item,Condition still like new set.Can be baby swinger and carrier.Selling price RM180 include postage fees.Crazy sale....Discount 15% price to be RM150 include postage fees.HURRY!!!!!

Sold to Nan


CHICCO-carseat cum carrier


  • Secures baby from 4 to 30 lbs
  • Energy-absorbing foam for improved side-impact protection
  • Removable newborn insert for smaller babies
  • Thickly cushioned seat pad and five-point harness for maximum comfort
  • Spring-assisted level foot, bubble levels, and “Center-Pull” adjustment for easiest installation
  • Compatible with the Chicco Ct. 0.1, Cortina, Trevi and S3 strollers
  • 99.9% like new set
  • Selling price RM280 include postage fees.Outside price RM1299.90
Sold to Shazwani tq


COSCO-Convertible carseat

Used item..Condition and functional still good.Fully recline backrest.Can load until 40lbs height until 19"-43".
Selling price RM250 include postage fees.Retail price USD399

Sold to Mas tq

Bruin-Bopkin bear


New set.Selling price RM35 include postage fees

Sold tq

Push car


Used...Functional still good.Geoffrey will move front/back when u push the car.Nice and funny toys.Selling price RM12 include postage fees

Sold to Ain tq



New set.Selling price RM30 include postage fees.Jusco price RM79.90

Sold to Abd Rahim tq

Elephant-puzzle block

ELEPHANT-Puzzle Block

New set.Selling price RM20 include postage fees

Sold to Ain tq

F/P - Puzzle block


Used item.All accessories are complete.Nice and colorful.Selling price RM40 include postage fees.Outside price RM89.90

Sold to Ain tq

Disney pooh-magnetic puzzle block

DISNEY POOH-Magnetic Puzzle block

Used item but still like new set.Cum with different character and shape.Magnetic object,suitable for infant-children for having fun and learn.Selling price RM40 include postage fees.

Sold to Sabrina tq

F/P-Lil' monkey dancer

FISHER PRICE-Lil' Monkey Dancer

Used item but condition and functional still tiptop.Battery operated.Little monkey will dancing with music.Selling price RM45 include postage fees.Height can be adjust.Outside price RM159.90

turtle-Puzzle block

Turtle-Puzzle Block

New set (open box).Nice and colorful,suitable for kids to learn color,size and shape.Selling price RM30 include postage fees.

Sold to Ain tq

F/P-Smart learning toys

FISHER PRICE-Smart Learning Toys

Used item,Condition and functional still tiptop.Good for for kid to learn ABC with songs.Selling price RM45 include postage fees.Outside price RM99.90

Sold to Lily tq



Used item,condition 99% like new.Selling price RM40 include postage fees

Sold to Majidah tq

Pooh-Lego Block

DISNEY POOH - Lego Block

Used item.All accessories are complete.Nice and colorful.Suitable for infant-children.Selling price RM50 include postage fees.Outside price RM99.90

Sold to Ain tq

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Soft cubes

Soft cubes for infant

Used item.Soft and suitable for infant.Have sound when u shaking the cubes.Selling price RM10 include postage fees.


Table lamp

Hello Kitty Table lamp brand'National'

Used item but still in good condition.Easy to use.Nice and cute.Selling price RM70 include postage fees.

Sold to Mr Gan tq


Used item.Battery operated,condition and functional still good(tiptop).Music and sounds still good.nice and cute.Selling price RM50 include postage fees. Sold to Glazsliper tq.

HK cafeterrace



Used item,condition still good.Accessories only two missing(dosen't effect).Nice and cute.Selling price RM30 include postage fees. Sold to Glazsliper. tq

1st Step

Baby 1st step brand 'FISHER PRICE'
Used item.Functional still in good condition.Battery operated,sound and music still good.Nice and clean.Adjustable to stored.Selling price RM50 include postage fees.
Sold to Shirley

1st Step

Baby 1st Step brand 'FISHER PRICE'
Used item.Condition and functional still tiptop (like new).Battery operated,sound and music in good condition.Easy to use and save more space when u stored.Selling price RM85 include postage fees.
Crazy sale..........Discount 10% Price to be RM75 include postage fees.HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sold to Zue tq


Playgym brand 'LUCKY BABY'
Used item cum with accessories.Selling price RM30 include postage fees.

Sold tq

Mattress set for baby

-used item but in good condition
-come with pillow
-washable and still spongy
CreateSelling at RM50 include postage

MID YEAR SALE!!!!!!!!!!Discount 30% (Price to be RM35 include postage)

Sold to Julie