Monday, November 30, 2009

Elle Shoes for kid

- New set, come with original box and tag
- size 14.0 cm
- suitable for kids 1 yr onwards
- Good for X'mas gift

selling at RM40 include postage

Sold to Rose tq

Black / White Board for kids

-side by side with storage tray for maker pen or chalks
-good for learning

Selling at RM100 include postage

Sold to Zie tq

Blocks for kids

- Blocks come with 2 set (bottle/mini train)

selling at RM45 include postage

Sold to Ayu tq

Fisher Price Musical Mobile

-used but in excellent condition
-nice and clean

selling at RM65 include postage

Sold to Siti tq

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chicco kitchen for kids

- used,in good condition
- nice and clean

selling at RM165 include postage

Sold to She'da tq

Silver Fox Baby Walker

- used but in excellent condition (just like new)
- nice and clean
- washable seat pad
- battery operated with sounds and musics
- removable activity center
- adjustable height

selling at RM85 include postage

Year End Sale 'YES'...Discount 20% NOW RM68.00

Sold tq

F/Price - Kitchen set

- used and in good condition
- suitable for gals 2yrs onwards

selling at RM165 include postage

Sold to 'K' tq

Ikea dining or study table set for kids

nice and clean

selling at RM120 include postage

Sold to Wong Fui Chung tq

OSIM - Therapeutic Eye Massager (iCare 200)

-Display set, look like new and in excellent condition
-Air pressure,heat and vibration massage
-Remote control,ergonomically designed,pre-programmed massage,magnetic nodes and timer control.
-Relief of eye strain and tiredness
- improve in eye blood circulation
-can be a Xmas gift
-Retail Price RM328.00

Selling at RM175 include postage

Year End Sale 'YES'...Discount 20% NOW RM140.00
Sold to Mr Teoh tq

Barney's Safety Songs driver by Fisher Price

  • Safety Tips! Barney's Safety Songs driver is a role playing driver toy themed as a school bus that
  • encourages good safety practices through the use of Barney safety songs and phrases
  • The radio plays phrases and songs, including, "Buckle Up My Seatbelt" and "Look Both Ways."
  • The bus features a working horn, alarm, radio, directional signals, gearshift, traffic light and steering wheel
  • It is the only driving toy that features Barney and encourages safety with phrases, lights, sounds and songs

  • Selling at RM60 include postage

    Sold tq

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    Imported Folding Bicycle For Collection

    - Imported bicycle from USA for quick grab for collection
    - Just service and all with good condition except a bit rust at handle and can be polished using autosol.
    - can be folded for storage purpose
    - Please call or sms for best price offer
    - shipping bear by seller

    Sold to Mr Lee tq

    Bubble DVD IQ Games For Childrens and Parents

    - Preloved item but in perfect condition
    - bought at UK and very famous interactive games for UK kids.
    - Come with 4 units of DVD games (teletubbies, fimbles, balamory and Thomas n Friends)
    - batteries operated and direct play into your DVD player (wireless)
    - Good for kids 1 year and above for IQ development
    - Also provide you manual books
    - Very rare to find it over here
    - UK price is GBP50.00 for console only and DVD games GBP17.00
    - Selling price is RM165.00 with postage

    CLEARANCE STOCKS!!!!!!!NOW SELLING AT RM120 (exclude postage fees)
    Sold To Zawati tq

    Vtech Power Mouse Laptop

    - Used item and bought at UK
    - Really good for girls and boys age 7 years and above
    - come with mouse and look like real laptop
    - got more than 40 interactive games and lesson
    - Batteries operated but batteries not included
    - Frankly I marked this item as excellent education tool.
    - retail price is RM299.00
    - selling price is RM130.00 with postage

    Sold tq

    Educational Laptop Brand Barbie

    - Used item but perfect condition
    - Batteries operated but not included
    - Come with mouse pad and mouse
    - Look like real computer
    - suitable for girls 3 years and above
    - More than 50 interactive games such as spelling, math, creating birthday card and many more
    - Sure you will not regret to purchase for your daughters
    - Item bought at UK and very rare to find it in Malaysia
    - Selling price is RM120.00 with postage
    Year End Sale 'YES'...Discount 20% NOW RM96.00

    Sold to Mr Azhar tq

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Toys set 06

    Educational Building blocks
    - used
    - suitable for kids 3yrs onward
    - come with travel bag
    selling at RM25 include postage

    Smart Learning Board

    1) Find letter
    2) Words

    -suitable for kids 3yrs onward
    selling at RM40 include postage

    Selling price RM55 both include postage

    Sold to Haryanti tq

    Toys set 05

    - used,but in good condition
    -Tiny love mobile (battery operated) with 8 unit rattles
    - nice and clean
    - it can be stroller crib toy

    Selling at RM35 both include postage

    Sold to Ziana tq

    Toys set 04

    Play-Doh Power Drill Kit

    - new set and good for 3++ years kids
    - Battery powered
    - wood scented Play-doh compound
    - Price is RM50.00 including postage.Retail RM129.90

    Alien Attack Toys For Kids

    - Used item but in very good condition
    - Good for kids 3 years and above
    - Very rare to find it in Malaysia
    - Very fun and attractive toy
    - Selling with RM20.00 with postage

    Selling price RM60 both include postage

    Sold to Chitra tq

    Baby's need set 01

    Anakku Baby Safety Bathmat
    -New set
    Selling at RM15 include postage.R/Price RM29.90

    Baby Bumper Court
    -As new
    -come with 2 set (cartoon & plain)
    -Also come with travel bag

    selling at RM55 include postage

    Selling at RM60 both include postage

    Sold tq

    Toys set 03

    Disney crib toy

    - used item and batteries operated
    - music and light in good function
    - image will appear once you on batteries
    - good s for baby 3 months and above
    - Price is RM35.00 with postage

    Mega Block - Baby Soft Block

    -Display set
    -Musical rocking bear
    -Suitable for ages 3-24month
    -Also can be teething toys and washable
    -Selling price rm70 include postage fees

    Sold tq

    Toys set 02

    Intellective Toy for kids by Toys 'r' us
    - used,battery operated
    - Basic learner for kids (shape,number,music instrument sound and animal sound)
    - Music and light functioning well

    selling at RM35 include postage

    Fisher Price Rhymes toys

    - used,battery operated
    - music and light functioning well
    - volume control
    - good for kids6 month onward

    selling at RM40 include postage

    Selling price RM65 both include postage

    Sold to Izza tq