Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mamalove baby walker cum rocker

-used but in good condition (99% just like new)
-washable cover set
-also can change to 2 different item(bb walker/bb rocker)
-battery operated with light and music

selling price RM100 include postage

Sold to Diana tq

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playskool - Step & Ride

Playskool -Step & ride

-used but in good condition
-nice color
-only 1 unit to grab

selling price RM85 include postage

Sold to Liza tq

F/P riding cum 1st step

F/P Riding cum 1st step

-battery operated
-nice and colorful

selling price RM75 include postage fees

Sold to Linda tq

Looney Tunes baby Stroller

Looney Tunes Baby Stroller

-used but in good condition(99% like new)
-fully recline backrest and can change to rear facing
-washable cover set and suitable for birth-children.
-also can load until 18kg
selling price RM150 include postage

Sold to Mohd Rizal tq

Maclarren Stroller

Maclarren Baby Stroller

-used but in good condition
-light weight and easy to use
selling price RM580 include postage

Sold to Hasrina tq

F/P toys

F/Price - pull up ball blast

-used but in good condition
-battery operated
selling price rm50 include postage

Sold to Hajar

Baby walker brand mamalove

Baby walker cum 1st step brand 'Mamalove'

-used,but in good condition
-adjustable to be baby 1st step
-washable cover set
Selling price RM150 include postage

Sold to Shan tq

Carseat brand Nania

Nania Car Seat

-fully recline and suitable for infant to children
-Washable cover set
Selling price Rm350 including postage
Sold tq

Baby Stroller Brand Combi

-Baby Stroller brand 'Combi'
-Used item
-Condition 99% like new set
-Functional still tiptop with 4 suspension wheel and fully recline backrest
-Light and easy to use,save more space when u stored
-Can load until 18kg(0-4yrs kid)
-Selling price RM230 include postage fees

Sold to Aishah tq

Britax - Car Seat

Britax Carseat

-New set
-Including manual book for installation
-Fully recline and suitable for infant-children
Selling price RM400 including postage

Sold tq

Baby Bouncer

Baby Bouncer

-used item
-adjustable (rocking or swing)
-washable cover set,with safety belt

Selling price RM70 including postage

Sold to Iza

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Tikes - Playground

Little tikes playground used item.Nice and cute.Selling price RM15 include postage fees

Special gift to En Lokman

Play 'n' Learn blocks by 'ATCO'

Play 'n' learn blocks by ATCO

-new set,still in box
-educational toys with attractive combination color & 'zee zee' sounds
-help baby to develop think'in ability & creative
-safety & high quality (from durable ABS plastics)
-only 3 unit to grab
-selling price RM25 each include postage

Sold out tq

Playpen for infant - children

Mother's Day - Special Offer 15% off (RM178)

Playpen brand LUCKY BABY

Used item. Condition and functional still good 100% tiptop (like new). 3 in 1 portable pack with dypers changing station,big pockets.Easy to assemble or dismantle.All accessories(floor pad/travel bag/mosquito net) are included.Selling price RM210 include postage

Sold to Erin tq

F/P-Musical Baby bouncer

F/Price - Musical baby bouncer

-used item
-nice and clean with washable cover
-battery operated
-vibration no function anymore but musical and light in good condition
-selling price RM150 include postage fees

MID YEAR SALE!!!!!!!!!!Discount 30% (Price to be RM105 include postage)

Sold to Siti Norsaleha tq

Sing & Play by Care Bear

Sing & play brand Care Bear

-used but in perfect condition
-battery operated with light and sounds
-3 settings with 12 favorite kids songs
-suitable for 3yrs & up
-selling price RM35 include postage

Sold to Mawar tq

Petitegirls-make up set

Petite girls - make up set

-new set,still in box
- safe & non-toxic
-includes nail polish,lipstick,lip gloss,lip oil
-selling price at RM30 include postage

Sold tq

Fun Dough Playset

Fun Dough Playset by 'HALSALL 5APPLE'

-UK brand,new set
-includes 6 different shape moulds,8 different color sticks,spreader
-selling at RM30 include postage

Sold to N.Ain tq

My little Pony brand HASBRO

Peachy pie doucie by Hasbro

-new set
-include pony figure and brush,pony's foot contains magnet
-selling price at RM30 include postage

Sold tq

My little Pony brand HASBRO

Twirling Fun with Loop-De-La

-new set,still in box
-includes pony figure,pedestal base,2 removable ballet slippers,tutu,bouquet of flowers and brush
-tiara light-up and push the pedestal foward and will spin round & round
-the big event is almost here
-selling price RM50 include postage

MID YEAR SALE!!!!!!!!!!Discount 25% (Price to be RM37 include postage)

Sold to N.Ain tq

My little pony

My little Pony by

-new set
-include pony figure and brush,pony foot contains magnet
-selling at RM30 include postage

MID YEAR SALE!!!!!!!!!!Discount 20% (Price to be RM24 include postage)

Sold to N.Ain tq

Mega Blocks-Mini train blocks

Mini train blocks by Mega blocks

-Used item
-Suitable for 1-5yrs old kids
-selling price RM30 include postage

Sold to IZZIE tq

Magical Princess

Magical Princess by 'HALSALL 5APPLE (uk brand)

-New set
-bought at UK
-accessories are light-up tiara,wand,earrings and ring
-selling at RM25 include postage

Sold to Su tq

IQ development for kids

used toys but good for IQ deveopment
good for 1 year and above
price is RM20.00 inclusive postage

Sold to En Mustafa tq

House of style brand Polly Pocket

House of style brand PollyPocket

-New set,still in box
-Stylin' house with magnetic fashion & hair
-include 45 pcs accessories
-selling price RM55 include postage fees

Sold to Shan tq

IQ Baby - playmat

IQ Baby - playmat

-new set
-nice and colorful
-selling price RM15 include postage fees

Sold to Nina tq