Sunday, May 3, 2009

Peg-Perego (pliko-matic)

Pliko Matic Features

-The Pliko Matic is designed to
be a lightweight, practical stroller.

It has the following features:
-New 5 point safety straps
The new safety strap set integrates
shoulder straps with the lap belt
-Adjustable back and leg rests
The backrest reclines to a near- horizontal position,

while the leg rest is adjustable to two positions
-Rear foot-board
Thanks to a rear foot-board,
the Pliko Matic has room for a second child to stand on the back
-Adjustable handles

The handles are height adjustable and
the central handle is particularly useful for
closing and carrying the stroller
-Free Standing
Once closed (like an umbrella) the stroller can stand freely

-Brakes on rear wheels and swivelling Front wheels
The front wheels can either swivel or lock into a
forward position, and the rear wheels have locking brakes
-Basket available
A large basket can be purchased that will attach to

the underside of the Pliko Matic's seat for additional storage
-Hand-washable upholstery
The upholstery can be easily removed, hand-washed and
line-dried. The open and close front bar is upholstered in

stain-resistant vinyl cover

Weight: 15.8 lbs
Dimensions (unfolded): 40.17" high x 20.92" wide x 32.92" front to back
Dimensions (folded): 40.17" high x 20.92" wide x 13.6" front to back

Selling price RM300 include postage

Sold to Aunty tq

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