Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dr.BeBe, the Musical Potty'N Stool

-Top of the potty seat can be attached to adult commode.

Pouring vessel is easy to lift up for cleaning. -Soft detachable deflector shield prevents the mess.

-Handle helps your child with keeping balance and security.

-lip lid also can be used as safe back rest.

-With the potty seat removed, the remaining base can be converted into as non-slip step stool.

- Music generating system in base is devised to produce various musical melodies of 10 different tunes, which are universally known.

How it operates

dot1_blu2.gif The secret is electronic special sensors in Dr.BeBe which detect the weight of child as well as the moisture of the potty bowl.

dot1_blu2.gif Once child starts and contacts are engaged,five(5) seconds of water-fall sound will help stimulate child further.

dot1_blu2.gif When child finishes and stands up, you will hear laughter and one of ten (10) random tunes followed by more laughter.

Selling at RM95 include postage

Sold to Kak J tq

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