Friday, November 6, 2009

Jane Hi-chair cum study table set

From the "les amis de Jane" collection... One good condition very solid High Chair for the safety
of your young child while (s)he enjoys all occasions with the family. The chair can be configured
at table height, for participation at the dinner table during meal times. This highly versatile
piece of furniture which will cater to the many needs of every developing infant, from 6 months
all the way to over 6 years of age !

A usefully large detatchable tray (with spillproof ridge) slides effortlessly in place. This has
definite and firm 'click' settings fixing the tray to the chair. A child cannot slide the tray
off its mount, nor can they get their fragile little fingers caught underneath!

The set has a fully re-inforced safety belt harness securely fixed to the chair in 5 places,
thus ensuring plenty of redundancy in the childs seat belt safety department. The belts are
actually inserted through the back of the chair during construction.

From six months old a child can safely use the high chair for many daily activities. The seat has
a firm adjustment on the rear giving it three reclining settings, this gives a variety of positions
from feed to snooze mode. With the tray remaining perfectly horizontal for all chair tilt settings.
Then after a year or so, the chair set can be transformed from high chair to a low chair. Place the
stand on its side and it is a childs play table, which positions comfortably beside the low chair.
Later, this set can be used as a junior study table/chair combo... ideal for that pre-school homework,
or painting session, or... (insert your childs favourite creative talents here).

Easy maintenance, the high chair upholstery can be removed for washing away those stray dinner spills.
Straight forward to assemble, this set can be put together in a matter of minutes, provides an enjoyable
assembly event for the whole family, it's even childs play!

There are no wheels, so the whole chair extremely stable, a child cannot sway about or tip themself over.
The edges have round corners added comfort and safety.

-All sticker already take-out

Selling at RM155 include postage

Year End Sale 'YES'...Discount 20% NOW RM124.00
Sold to Fitra Sulhaslin tq

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