Thursday, December 10, 2009

Britax Renaissance Car Seat

Britax car seats are widely recognised as class leaders in child safety, making child car seats for all ages and weights of child. It manages to stay ahead of the competition due to its investment in research and development at its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Andover, Hampshire. The Britax facility is the only car seat manufacturing plant in the UK today. This Britax plant boasts a full crash test facility where both “sleds” and full car chassis can be “crashed”, these tests can fully replicate both head on and side impact crash conditions. These tests are carried out with highly specialised pieces of equipment that monitor every movement and any forces present in an accident situation. These tests feature “crash test dummies” of the correct size and weight for the type of seat under test and electronically record all movement and stresses, very high speed video cameras also record visually every moment of the test.

Pioneering car seat with Adjusta-Fit System and Belt Tensioner

  • 9 kg to 18 kg approximately 9 months to 4 years
  • The Renaissance comes with all of the safety and comfort features of the Eclipse, with the addition of some real innovation
  • Two of the key areas of importance when installing a child car seat are getting the right tension on the car's seat-belt and making sure that the harness is adjusted properly
  • Renaissance has two clever systems, which address these issues, taking the worry out of fitting the seat
  • Weight of seat 11.3 kg approx

  • The first system is the unique seat-belt tensioner. Once installed, you can ensure that the car's seat-belt is at the optimum tension for performance in a crash
  • A handle mounted on the side of the seat activates the deployable foot which takes up the slack in one simple action

  • The second system is the Adjusta-fit head pad and harness adjuster. With Renaissance, you do not need to unthread the harness to change the height of the shoulder straps. Simply move the headrest and shoulder straps up or down using the adjuster on the back of the seat
  • 9 kg to 18 kg approximately 9 months to 4 years
Overall Rating

5 Star Review Highly recommended

Well padded, comfortable, easy to adjust, easy to clean, easy to install, safe, sturdy and has got a good recline for when child sleeps in the car.

Seat is used and is slighlty worn on one edge of the outer-piping. However is in great condition

Selling at RM550 include postage

Sold tq

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