Friday, December 11, 2009

Silver Cross Ventura Infant Carrier (Car Seat) - Jet Sport

The Silver Cross Ventura Plus car seat is our award winning, rearward facing infant carrier, brilliantly engineered to keep your baby safe and sound in the car, right from birth to around nine months (13kg).

Silver Cross Ventura Plus Car Seat in Charcoal colours

It is perfectly compatible with the Sleepover, Freeway, 3D and Halo prams, turning them into complete travel systems.

What does it do?

It provides balanced comfort, support and protection for car journeys and then clicks conveniently on to our Classic, Linear, Halo and 3D chassis when you reach your destination. A clever harness system allows you to adjust the straps with only one hand, keeping your baby securely in place, whilst extra padding can be added or removed for increased support if needed. Whilst we would advise that you keep your baby in any car seat for no longer than two hours at any one time, the Ventura Plus design means that it can be used as either a rocking chair or a stationary low chair.

Silver Cross Ventura Plus Car Seat in Charcoal colours (

- Condition 9/10
- Washable seatpad

Selling at RM390 include postage. Retail Price GBP£115.00

Sold to Niza tq

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