Wednesday, June 23, 2010

VTech Pop-Up Surprise Ball

Press the light-up star button to make the peek-a-boo puppy pop up, or press him down to use as a ball. This beautiful pop-up ball features friendly talking and singing to reassure little ones. Lots of flashing lights and lively music help stimulate baby’s senses and large easy to press animal character buttons are featured around the ball’s surface to help develop fine motor skills. Press the animal buttons to hear their names, lots of fun responses and cool sound effects.

Requires 2 “AA” batteries (included for demo purpose only. Not long life batteries).


* Auto shut-off to preserve battery life
* Durable design for long-lasting play.
* Volume control switch for quieter playtime.


1. Sensory Stimulation
* Bright colours and flashing light attract baby's attention, while the different textures invite tactile stimulation.
*Melodies and sounds along with singing appeal to baby.

2. Motor Skills
* Pressing the pop-up puppy helps baby develop manual dexterity.

3. Discovery and Exploration
* Puppy hides and then pops up again when baby presses the star.
* Helps teach little ones about cause and effect.

4. Language Development & Phonics
* Friendly English voice introduces new phrases.

3 unit are available. ( pink - 1 unit / blue - 2 unit ). Selling at RM50.00 each

Sold to Nurul Ayuni -( blue ) 1 unit tq

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