Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zooty Carseat

Preloved item and good condition 8/10
Import carseat and only use about less than 5 times
Very rare to find in Malaysia and no 1 brand in Poland and France

For children from 0 for 18 months
From 9 for 18 about ergonomic construction kg * adjusted * roomy seat, deep shell and heads lateral reinforcements assuring (provide) additional protection and mechanism of regulation of site of arm-chair in case of (accidentally of) lateral impact in use with capability of choice of (election of) position without change in arm-chair of (office of) car hips * convenient * comfortable, with capability to laundering delicate * five-punctual adjusted strip, be placed at each journey in kit assuring (provide) proper (suitable) position under head under back on internal strips under brace parameters of arm-chairs * additional pillow * convenient pillow * * pad width (latitude) length 43 cm height 49 cm weight 62 cm

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