Thursday, April 28, 2011

Medela - Mini Electric Breastpump + Medela CityStyle Cooler Bag

This small electric breastpump offers optimal comfort for expressing breastmilk at home or on the go. It is lightweight and completely portable, so easy for traveling.
The MiniElectric mimics the natural suck-release-relax cycling of a nursing baby. An adjustable vacuum allows you to select your own comfort level. For added versatility, universal threads on the breastshield allow the pump to be attached to any standard baby bottle.
The pump comes with a companion transformer that allows you to plug it into any electric outlet. Or power the pump with two AA batteries (not included).
The Mini Electric was rated the best battery breastpump by a number of baby magazines
* Easy to assemble, use and clean
* Gentle and efficient expression
* Full range adjustable vacuum
* Electric or battery-powered

Comes with a City Style Bag
Medela 'CityStyle' Breastpump and feeding / milk storage bottle carry bag with separate self contained bottle cooler.
A brand new, stylish and attractive bag to transport and store your Medela breastpump and expressed breastmilk.
Ideal to store or carry cool, breastmilk, formula or baby food and breastfeeding equipment when out for the day

Retail Price RM738.00
We are selling with unbelievable price. Interested, u may call or sms me

Sold to Aryani - 1 unit tq
Sold to Naiker - 1 unit tq

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