Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Lamaze Value Gift Set!

Get 6 classic Lamaze toys with this great value gift pack! The bright patterns, different textures and fun sounds encourage learning and play from birth up to 2 years old! Perfect as a newborn or first month celebration gift.

The pack includes:

1 x Garden Bug Foot Finders and Wrist Rattles

The Lamaze Gardenbug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Set in refreshed fabrics! The Gardenbug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Set encourages baby to reach and grab! Bright patterns and faces with fun sounds reward exploration. Ideal for developing hand-to-eye coordinator skills.

1 x Musical Inchworm

Recommended for babies from birth on up, the Lamaze Musical Inchworm is a plush toy that's perfect for playing and napping. Developed in conjunction with child development experts, the Inchworm promotes mom and baby interaction, encourages tummy time fun, and supports healthy physical and sensory development.

1 x Peek-a-Boo Clutch Cube

The Clutch Cube has soft handles for grasping. Textures, clacking rings, crinkle, and rattle encourage exploration and manipulation as the soothing chime ball inside delights little ones!

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