Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lindam Toddler Runner (Backpack & Reins)

Product Description

The Lindam Toddler Runner is ideal for Children learning to take their first steps as well as making excursions safe and enjoyable. The sturdy supporting handle allows you to keep a reassuring grip on your child and assists balance in those early stages. The handle can also be used when your child is a little older and requires some extra support when learning to ride a bike or roller skate. The Lindam Toddler Runner rein has a comfortable parental wrist strap and can be locked into place with the snap hook fastener. This is ideal for keeping your child close by your side in busy environments.

Technical Details

  • The perfect aid for safety, balance and support
  • Fun, colourful, stylish back pack
  • Fully adjustable
  • Safety reflectors
  • Supporting handle
  • New set
Retail price RM85.90. Our price is RM65 include postage
Sold to Nor Riza tq

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