Thursday, February 18, 2010

VTech Interactive Buggy Bugs

* Learning and fun in a cot or on the go.
* Parent friendly features include easy to use attachment straps and control switch.
* 4 interactive characters teach a-b-c, 1-2-3, insects, sounds and music.
* Jam sound effects into the nursery rhymes as they play.
* Each character moves in a different way to develop motor skills while flashing ladybird captivates attention.
* Non-breakable mirror promotes self-awareness and a mixture of plush and plastic invites tactile exploration.

Includes 2 “AA” batteries (For demo purpose only. Not long life batteries).


1. Motor Skills
* Different manipulation of bug buttons improves motor skills.

2. Discovery and Exploration
* Exploration is rewarded with sounds, lights and fun songs.

3. Language Development & Phonics
* Introduces first words through cute phrases. Teaches colours, 123 and abc.

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Ages: 3-24 months
Box Size: 19 x 36.5 x 7 cm
Retail price GBP16.99.Our price is RM75 include postage

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