Sunday, February 28, 2010

NUK bottle steam sterilliser

Choose the NUK Steam Sterilizer for environmentally-friendly high-temperature disinfection of babys bottles. Holds up to 6 bottles, including teats and accessories. The steam sterilizer works by the heat-sterilization method. The steam generated rapidly and reliably sterilizes items placed in the unit by surrounding them evenly. Teats and bottles thus come into contact only with steam. The small quantity of water the steam sterilizer uses for sterilizing means that very little energy is required.

This steriliser is made in Germany.

Features :-

* Safe, simple to use, fast and economical
* Sterilises up to 6 standard bottle sets or 5 wide-style bottle sets in one operation
* Removable basket for easy access
* No chemicals
* Used item

Retail Price: £43.99 @ RM418.00 .....Our price is RM100.00 include postage

Sold to Nurhuda tq

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