Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pigeon Universal Steam Steriliser

The Pigeon Universal Steam Sterilizer is an electrical unit. Minimum fuss with only 60ml of water needed to ensure all bottles, teats, caps and lids are sterilized to ones expectations. This unit fits 8 bottles in the bottom of it with all the extras on the small shelf on the top. A click of the button and you're away. This unit is in excellent condition and all parts working. Easily stored and just really convenient without the hassle of microwaves and timers and so on. The steamer turns it self off when the cycle is finished and the bottles are ready to use immediately. This is a great buy and just another tool to make life a little easier when catering to young ones needs!
Used item but still in good condition.

Selling at RM75 include postage

1 unit - Sold to Dahlia tq
1 unit - Sold to Azura tq

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